In 2015, I made one drawing a day, for 365 days, inspired by my everyday life. It could be digital, handmade, whatever the canvas (laptop, paper, wall, bottle, egg, leaf...). After one year of drawing everyday, I made an exhibition with "Les Expos à la Maison". You can see the 365 drawings on thgdlf.tumblr.com

What happened to love and late night discussions ?
"Pigeon, oiseau des villes ...."
Lyric from Nas verse on MC Serch "Back to the grill"
Day / Night
outside breeze needed !
2 dope boys in a cadillac (Outkast track tribute)
Let's travel that world together
"Oh" custom type
Sometimes your day is just like this.
"I like big waves I cannot lie" (Sir Mix a Lot tribute) 
You, me, the stars, the galaxy.
chouette !
Life begins with a cup of coffee
Wu-tang city 
Cassette pattern
Some heroes of my childhood
#nowplaying #MFDoom #Quasimoto #JDilla
When you want to do a selfie, and finally you see your face and you tell yourself ok let's forget the selfie.
Run !
You are here but you are away
My deer.
Live, Travel, Love.
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